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The Chicken Pickin' name is changing!


Why change the name of the event?

The name, Butner Chicken Pickin’ has served us well for 28 years but as the event has grown, the BBQ chicken cook-off has become a smaller part of the overall festival. Local residents may know what the festival is about, but as Butner continues to grow, and we attract a broader audience, we feel it is time to update the name, preparing for the future and not confusing anyone about what a “Chicken Pickin” is. 


This year will be a transition year and we expect to hear opinions, some will like the new name, others will like the old name. Any transition can be confusing, so we hope you will help us get the word out. The infamous Chicken Pickin’ is still the first Saturday in June, it is still the small town festival it has always been, it is just being renamed to the Butner Summer Festival. 

The Butner Summer Festival was a featured June event, on the NCTripping, North Carolina travel blog based in Durham. Here is a link to their blog.

Join Us

We are a high-energy group with lots of ideas on how to improve Butner's quality of life but we need more members and volunteers who are as passionate about living in Butner as we are. Join us and help make a difference.

The main focus of the BCA is to promote social involvement within the Butner area and to offer opportunities of service and programming for the benefit and advancement of the local citizens.

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